As Canada’s 150th anniversary approaches, we reflect on how we have made this country our home. In a place with such diversity, every Canadian brings a unique perspective on what home means to them.

The collaborative photography exhibition “Finding Home,” presented last month at the Toronto Centre for the Arts, sought to explore the different ways through which the concept of home is formed. Through several public workshops, “home” became a term that shifted depending on the person who was defining it at that moment.

The exhibition was lead and curated by professional photographer Maha Munaf and was presented by The Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival (the largest photography event in the world). This year, the festival aimed to focus on Canada while exploring diverse subjects, motivated by artistic innovation and critical discourse locally, nationally and internationally.

As part of the exhibition, the group took part in the city-wide initiative called My City My Six. This participatory public art project asks Torontonians of all ages and backgrounds to share something essential about themselves in six words. Funded by the City of Toronto, My City My Six will culminate in a public exhibition in the fall of 2017 to Celebrate Canada’s 150th.

Through it all, “Finding Home” showcased the amazing outcome of collaboration between organizations, initiatives, and individuals, and reminded us of the incredibly unique stories each one of us has to offer.