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“Supporting the arts has always been important to me. I believe in the work NYA does in supporting artists and ensuring that those outside of the downtown core have access to arts/culture programming as it enriches the fabric of our city.” Mira Lax,  Donor

JOIN US in making space VIBRANT!

North York Arts is a non-profit organization that annually offers a variety of free programs and events in North York, while also providing paid opportunities for artists to support their work. We do not charge artists or the community for our programming and rely on public and private funding, as well as individual donations.

Will you provide your community with the space to create? A gift of just $24.75 provides NYA with the means to make space for one person.

Take a look at some of our breakdowns: 

Inspire North

$14.85 Performer/Artist Fees (60%)
$6.00 Supplies and Materials (24%)
$3.90 Security and Venue Fees (16%)


Mapping Our Neighbourhoods

$17.33 Youth Artist Fees (70%)
$3.46 Video Camera Rentals (14%)
$3.90 Refreshments for Participants (16%)


The Animation Project

$14.85 Artist Lead Fees (60%)
$6.00 Resources/Materials (24%)
$3.90 Security and Venue Fees (16%)


A monthly donation of $24.75 means you are making space for one person every month to participate in the arts. 

We are immensely grateful for your belief in the power of art to transform lives. Donations from generous people like you truly make a difference, and we are excited to embark on this journey of creativity and community building together.

From never even having attended a board meeting to starting a non-profit – that leap would have never happened without NYA