School Of Groove

Created by professional dancers Kelly Gammie and Queenie Seguban is School of Groove – a dance training and mentorship program dedicated to nurturing strong and confident young female dancers.

School of Groove acts as a bridge – connecting dancers to like minded peers, mentors and the larger dance community. Their mission lies in giving emerging talent a holistic approach to the learning experience and the tools they need in order to refine their practice and find success on their personal dance journey.

Kelly Gammie

Kelly Gammie is a seasoned performer, passionate instructor and a lover of the choreographic process. She currently performs with and co-choreographs for the all-female, hip hop crew DEUCEnDIP (most notably featured on five episodes of Much Music’s NML Dance Battlez) and with Toronto based dance group ABS Crew. She is also the founder of the Invictus Dance Project, a collective that brings together dancers of various backgrounds to create unique contemporary performances.

Dance has been central to her personal development and evolving self. Such lessons greatly inform her creative process and are embodied in her teaching philosophies. She aims to inspire her students to perform and create with confidence in one’s artistic voice. She currently teaches in Toronto (Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts, Bayview School of Ballet) and has had the honour of guest teaching and choreographing for dancers in various parts of the country. Additionally, she has worked with social outreach, arts-based programs such as Just Bgraphic and Outside Looking In.

Queenie Seguban

As far back as she can remember,  Queenie Seguban was always singing and dancing when she heard good music. She was born in the Philippines but grew up in Canada since the age of 11.  Fortunately, music and dance are universal languages that transcend barriers. Since then, dance became a means of expression, escape and belonging. Dance had become such a huge part of her life that what was once only a ‘hobby’ had finally become her purpose and drive.

She aims to share what she has learned in her own dance journey to the next generation of young female dancers – to help them discover themselves through dance and to equip them with the necessary skills and mindset to become successful in their own dance journeys.