Northbound Exhibition Program

Northbound Exhibition Program

Northbound 2019 Minhwa Canada | Photo by: Ricky Yu

NOTICE: All exhibitions have been postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19. Please continue to check back for updates!

Northbound Exhibition Program is a free juried art program that was created in 2019 to support the professional development of emerging artists. The program prioritizes new-generation (18-29 years old) artists, newcomer artists, and artists with a connection to the North York community.

This year, Northbound will move from its old home at the Meridian Arts Centre to the bustling community hub of North York Centre. Northbound’s new location will foster new kinds of connections between artists and community members, and allow program participants to explore the impact and presentation of their work in a public space. 


Northbound 2020 Jury members:  

Adom Acheampong
Claudia Arana
Paola Gomez
Ely Lyonblum
Paola Poletto


Program Partners

Northbound Exhibition Program 2020 Lineup

Sahar Abdallah
Narrative lines

Anahita Akhavan

Aqsah Shah
Unraveling Dreamscapes

Anna Kavehmehr
Lacrima: /ˈ

MERAKI Project
MERAKI Project

Ashley Beerdat
A Series of Mythological Narratives

Northbound Exhibition Program 2019

Jury members:  

Julian Carvajal
Jibola Fagbamiye
Annie Wong
Paola Poletto
Madeleine Skoggard

Program Partners

Artists and Collectives: 

Alessandra Pozzuoli
Who is Lady York, Anyway?

Michelle Peraza
Patria Potestas

KIN Collective
Constructing Liminal Space

Mika Babineau
 Ace and In Your Face

 Banafsheh Erfanian
Shahnameh (The Epics of Iranian Kings)

Emma Lau
A Quiet Mind II

Tasneem Dairywala
Metamorphic Reflections

Elham Fatapour
My Story

Minhwa Canada
Minhwa: The Colours of Korean Folk Art

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