Patria Potestas

by: Michelle Peraza

Patria Potestas a series of portrait paintings of the men in Michelle’s father’s family from Costa Rica. The work reflects family lineage, hierarchy, succession, authoritative heads of family, and Latino male identity and ethos. Through painting the complexities and subtleties of skin of her family, Michelle hopes the viewer can see the uniqueness of the Latino as interestingly varied in appearances because of history; a consideration often ignored.

About the Artist
Michelle Peraza is a recent graduate of OCAD University. She is second-generation female Latin American artist and her work is a reflection of her education, identity and family story. Michelle creates large-scale, high-realism portraits using a methodical mathematical point system. She analyzes ethnicity, origins, culture, tradition, skin colour, values, customs, identity, migration, integration, and familial hierarchy and bonds, particularly in the Latino race/ethnicity.

Date: March 28 – April 14
Opening Reception: March 28


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