Toronto Mycelial Network


An art project to participate in at home
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The Toronto Mycelial Network is a city-wide art project to remind us that while we are physically distant – we remain connected as individuals, as communities, and as a city!

We invite all Torontonians to spend this time making any interpretation of a mushroom and post it on social media using the hashtag #InvisibleNetworkTO and tagging @torontomycelialnetwork.

Why a mushroom? Mushrooms can be a great distance apart but are connected to the same invisible network. So, like a mushroom, let’s connect while we remain physically apart!

See below for more information on the Mycelial Network and how to participate. 



  1. Make a mushroom of any size, shape, or dimension! If you want, document your process!
  2. Post on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with the hashtag #InvisibleNetworkTO and tag @torontomycelialnetwork
  3. Follow @torontomycelialnetwork to watch the invisible network grow!
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What is a Mycelial Network?

“Underneath the soil a vast and interconnected network of life that links the trees and other plants through their root system. This network is made up of fungi (mushrooms) with massive and far-reaching threads called Mycelium” 

Want to learn more? Check out the 3 minute video:

How should I make my mushroom?

Mushrooms can be made from anything you’d like! It can be made from felt, papier-mache, origami or whatever art supplies (or non-art supplies!) you find in your cupboards. This is a chance to channel your creativity!

How do I share my mushroom?

Share your mushrooms on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #InvisibleNetworkTO
and tag @torontomycelialnetwork It’s that simple!

Don’t have social media? Send your mushroom by email to – please include your name.

Check out the NYA staff creations! 

The Toronto Mycelial Network was created and initiated by East End Arts, and has been supported by our family of LASOs to expand and grow the network to all corners of Toronto! Members from any community in the city of Toronto and beyond are invited to join all of us in making a mushroom at home, and being connected in times of social distancing. the other LASOs: North York Arts, Arts EtobicokeLakeshore ArtsScarborough Arts and Urban Arts.

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