Evolve! Performing Arts Program

North York Arts is thrilled to launch our pilot program: Evolve!

Evolve! is a program that gives new and emerging Toronto-based theatre and dance artists an opportunity to explore, develop, revise or complete a work using high quality, accessible space and services.

Evolve! is a response to gaps in resources that serve to support the developmental stages of artists or arts groups in dance and theatre in North York and the wider Toronto community. The goal is to build the capacity of participating artists while creating more opportunities for the public to access arts in North York.

This year, Evolve! will take place at the Meridian Arts Centre and the Aga Khan Museum.


2020 participating artists and arts groups:

NOTICE: Remaining rehersals and performances cancelled due to COVID-19.

Neetika Sharma
January 21-24, 2020 | February 14 & 18, 2020
Meridian Arts Centre

The Haniin Project (working title) is a reflective study of that transition period between holding on to a feeling/emotion/thought and letting it go. It is an exploration of a constant tug of war between emotions that arises right before something dear must be allowed to release and let go. The choreography is set in the roots and vocabulary of traditional classical dance form of North India called Kathak. Using poetry and classical rhythms, the piece celebrates and explores sentiments that are not always acknowledged or defined.

Born in Libya, to Indian parents, Neetika started her performance journey at the age of 10. Today, she is a passionate Kathak performer, choreographer, instructor, arts manager and Culture and Diversity advocate.  She has a keen interest in exploring various layers of traditional Kathak repertoire and presenting them with new and relevant interpretations through research, creation and performance.

Cacao Collective | CANCELLED 
Aga Khan Museum

Traditional song and dance celebrate the resilience and joy of Venezuela’s cacao farmers fighting to preserve their way of life in the face of industrialization and a national crisis. Developed between Venezuela and Canada, this project also shines a light on the global chocolate trade and diasporic identities.

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Cyborg Circus Project | CANCELLED 
Aga Khan Museum

A striking exploration of trust, vulnerability, and human limits. In this piece, wheelchair dancers Shay Erlich and Jenna Roy examine today’s pressure to appear hyper-competent in all areas. Their work subverts expectations, offering new ways of understanding disability and imagining how disabled and non-disabled people can create a new world that does not demand hyper-competence.

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Elsewhere by Anaya Bobst | CANCELLED 
Aga Khan Museum

Originally from Sweden, Anaya Bobst is a dancer, choreographer and arts administrator. She currently works for Canada’s National Ballet School, presents her own works and teaches dance. Anaya brings a diverse and holistic set of experiences to the dance field as she has collaborated with other artists and worked for festivals, educational organizations and companies in Canada, the United States, Switzerland and Sweden. Anaya has presented her own works in the United States and Sweden and pursued a B.F.A in Dance and a minor in Entrepreneurship from Point Park University, USA.
Elsewhere portrays Anaya’s personal experiences during a time of despair. By differentiating expectations from reality, Anaya hopes to create a world into which people can enter. A world that reflects universal emotions and conditions. Movement and text create  the framework for this piece that addresses themes of solitude, curiosity and frustration
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Grupo Teatro Libre | CANCELLED 
Meridian Arts Centre

Grupo Teatro Libre has, as its mission, a collective and collaborative way of doing theatre.  We present works by Latin Amerian playwrights in Spanish, their original language.  We offer workshops, dramatized readings and theatre presentations.  The group is open for whoever wishes to participate, as long as they wish to work according to the group’s participative philosophy.

For more information, contact infogrupoteatrolibre@gmail.com.

2018/2019 Participants

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