Ephraim’s Place 

Ephraim’s Place is a Community Centre whose mission is to work with the Jane-Finch and Jane-Sheppard communities to provide programs and services that give children, youth and families the skills and tools they need to build a successful future and bring about positive personal and community transformation. Ephraim’s Place was created in response to the tragic death of Ephraim Brown in 2007.

North York Arts has been working with Ephraim’s Place since 2016 to bring arts programing to the youth in the nerighbourhood. 

  1. 2016NYA ran a drop-in dance program for youth at Ephraim’s Place
  2. 2016With the success of the drop-in dance program, NYA established a formalized dance program with the end goal of paricipating in STOMP Urban Dance Competition with the City of Toronto
  3. 2016Ephriam’s Place dance program participants had the opportuity to showcase their work at Cultural Hotspot and Lee Lifeson Arts Park opening
  4. 2017Ephraim’s Place dance program participants created an official dance Squad called “JNS Finest” for the 2017 STOMP Urban Dance Competition
  5. 2017 With funds recieved from the Ontario Arts Council (OAC), NYA and Ephraim’s Place worked together to start a DJ program and ran two installments
  6. 2018With funds recieved from the OAC, NYA established a training and mentorshop program for JNS Finest

Ephraim’s Place Partnership Community Impact:

  • 30 youth participated in on-going arts programming
  • Created opportunities for participants to showcase their work
  • Created a key peer worker position
  • Created paid opportunities for professional artists to lead programs 
  • Connected youth with opportunities to explore the arts and culture scene in Toronto including tickets to the AGO, HotDocs, and artist talks
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