Northbound Exhibition Program

After a year hiatus, we’re excited to announce that Northbound is BACK!

Northbound Exhibition Program is an NYA’s signature program that supports the professional development of emerging artists while prioritizing new-generation (18-29 years old), Newcomer, and North York artists.

This year, NYA was challenged to rethink how Northbound could thrive online. We asked ourselves: how can we provide each artist with an individualized platform while encouraging the public to immerse themselves in the experience? Working with our selected artists, curator Claudia Arana, and digital designer Alex T, we came up with a fully reimagined virtual program!

Starting September 20th, each artist will have their own web page that is completely curated to fit their vision. The art and the website itself will work in tandem to create a fully realized exhibition. Each exhibition will be enhanced with an artist talk and an Instagram Live to complete the experience.

Northbound 2021 Exhibitions

  • Alone Together: Six Feet of Separation
  • Meraki Project
  • Messengers
  • Ferdows, Lost Paradise
  • Unsettled

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A special thanks to the following people, partners, and funders:

Northbound Jury 

  • Adom Acheampong
  • Claudia Arana
  • Paola Gomez
  • Ely Lyonblum
  • Paola Poletto



  • Claudia Arana

Ready2Post (videos)

  • David Cruz
  • Claudia Arana


Digital Designer

  • Alex Thalheim-Martin

The Disabled List

  • Liz Jackson
  • Alex Haggard


Alone Together:

Six Feet of Separation

Anna Kavehmehr

September 20, 2021

Details Coming soon!

MERAKI Project


September 27, 2021

Details Coming soon!


Ashley Beerdat

October 4, 2021

Details Coming soon!

Unraveling Dreamscapes

Aqsah Shah

October 11, 2021

Details Coming soon!


Anahita Akhavan

October 18, 2021

Details Coming soon!

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