Greetings North York Arts Community,
Navigating the vibrant arts scene, the non-profit realm, and the dynamic world of financial services technology, I’m excited to share a glimpse into my diverse roles.
First of all, I would love to start with my passion for the arts and its transformative effect. I find that art inspires me and helps me spark new ideas, creating space to reflect and explore new concepts. I really enjoy going to museums and attending shows and musicals. Recently, I was captivated by the spellbinding performances of “Fall For Dance North” and “Jagged Little Pill.” These shows added a layer of cultural richness to my life. Hope some of you were also able to catch these shows!
Secondly, as a Board Member and Chair of the Fundraising Committee at North York Arts, I find myself energized when I find ways to help communities and the arts get closer together, all the while learning new skills (this is my first time leading a Fundraising Committee). I find fulfillment in supporting various non-profits, volunteering on two additional boards, as well as providing mentoring and coaching to newcomers in their journey to settle in Canada. I find that nowadays, as we see so much division in the world, we can make a difference by contributing to create connections in our communities.
Finally, I also have a full-time role in banking. Within the banking sphere, my focus lies in finding opportunities to infuse new technology, leveraging innovation to bring new solutions to banking offerings. This job requires me to be constantly looking for opportunities and connecting the dots. I absolutely love this job to the point I feel I would even do it for free (hope no one from work is reading this article!).
So, do you see a common thread here? I hope you do! I sometimes don’t  🙂 Joking aside, I think at the centre of it all is my ability to stay curious and willingness to find connections.
And you would ask about the balancing act? I have to admit that I am not 100% successful all the time in balancing the intricacies of a banking career, parenting two wonderful daughters, making sure I make space to enjoy the arts and continue volunteering in the non-profit sector but…
and there is always a but…
I find satisfaction in knowing that I am heading, in general, in the right direction.
So, at the end of the day, the arts inspire me to stay curious, sparking more energy in my life. Behold – the transformative power of art in action!
Fabiana Montoya
North York Arts Board Member, Fundraising Committee Chair, Volunteer at Two Other Non-Profit Boards, Innovator in Banking, and Proud Parent