Legacy Collective

Legacy Collective is a North York-based senior engagement initiative. Partnered with North York Arts and Neighbourhood Arts Network and supported by the Government of Ontario,  the group celebrates creativity and wisdom through peer-to-peer learning, storytelling, and art-making. The members, which are made up of individuals with diverse backgrounds and languages, participate in activities that seek to break down barriers of social isolation and depression by using the arts as a tool to foster a network of community support. 

See photos from Legacy Collective’s recent project “Stitching Stories”

The group found inspiration in Arpilleras of Chile and other Latin American textiles, and the results were extraordinary. The artwork, showcased in March at The North York Community House, told the important personal stories 20 Latin American Women. Participants worked alongside artists Paola Gomez and Dana Prieto to tell their stories and explore themes of identity using textiles. According to Gomez, “[We] were particularly interested in creating space for senior women to share their wisdom and to feel pride for their latinx identity as part of the diaspora living in Toronto”.

Photo credit to Alex Usquiano ( www.alexusquiano.com)

Legacy Collective Community Impact:
  • 20 seniors participated in 5 installments
  • Participants engaged in social activities related to the arts (including private artist talks and gallery tours)
  • Created opportunities for participants to showcase and sell their work
  • Created  volunteer opportunities to senior participants and a paid program coordinator role
  • Built opportunities with newcomer artists (spanish speaking) to provide programming in participants’ first language
  • Built connections within the wider community to reduce sense of isolation and exclusion

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