The Mad Lyricist

Songwriting Series for Youth 

Oct. 7th – Nov. 25th, 2014

Every Tuesday from 4 – 6pm

York Woods Library (1785 Finch Ave.)

**Registration is required, space is limited.  To register contact 

Program Description:

“The Mad Lyricist!” is a workshop series that will teach the art of songwriting to a group of youth ages 14-18.  Under the mentorship of songwriter and musician Enuma Messam, the program will take on the format of a “creative lab” where participants will have a safe and engaging space to experiment with various songwriting and musical techniques. The 8 week program will incorporate many writing exercises and the use of small instruments for the youth to share their art within a “jam circle”. This hands-on approach will not only demonstrate the importance of how “words” can influence “sound”, but will also give the youth the opportunity to develop performance skills and build confidence to express themselves in a group setting. The adventurous and collaborative nature of the series will strengthen the participants’ artistic abilities, enhance their sense of agency, and inspire them to pursue their creative endeavours.

About the Artist:

Enuma is a vocalist, composer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who plays an organic blend of r&b, Afro-soul, folk rock, and jazz. The name Enuma means “the heavens know” in Igbo and as an artist who has settled in the multicultural landscape of Toronto, she has sung in 6 languages and proudly draws from her Jamaican and African roots for inspiration.
Enuma has taken huge strides in her young career. She is a member of award-winning musician Waleed Abdulhamid’s band, the Waleed Kush African Jazz Ensemble, and she has worked with other acclaimed musicians like Shamakah Ali, Wade O. Brown, and the afrobeat band Asiko. In addition, her music has been played on CIUT 89.5 FM and she has graced the stages of iconic venues and festivals such as Live Green Toronto, Redpath Waterfront Tall Ships Festival, Markham Jazz Festival and Afrofest.
As an arts educator, Enuma has hosted music circles and facilitated workshops with such organizations as Nia Centre for the Arts, St. Alban’s Boys’ & Girls’ Club, For Youth Initiative, and North York Women’s Centre. In her endeavour to promote the art of live music, Enuma has successfully organized shows to spotlight independent artists and is the founder of “Womyn of Indigo”, a collective of female musicians and poets. Enuma and the “Womyn of Indigo” have founded the “Acoustic Flow” workshop series, which teaches young women how to play instruments, write songs and compose their own music.
Enuma has quickly developed a repertoire that connects with people from all walks of life, and a reputation for staying true to herself, her community, and her art without compromise. She is taking steps to share her music across Canada and abroad: join her on her journey.

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October 1, 2015