Constructing Liminal Space

by: KIN Collective

In Constructing Liminal Space, KIN portrays the personal dilemma of being an immigrant and the impact of relocation on individual identity. Jieun and Marina’s immigration experiences have forced them to straddle the boundary between their homes in Korea and Russia (respectively), and their new home in Canada. Their work reflects the duality of the “in-between” space where their identities collide such as realities and dreams, and past and present life.

An opening reception for Constructing will be held at the Toronto Centre for the Arts on April 25, and is FREE to the public with RSVP, in the link below.

KIN Collective will also be hosting a FREE family-friendly collaborative art installation, “The Place of Belonging,” on May 4.


About the Collective

KIN is an emerging collective that explores the dual identity of immigrants in Canada. Members Jieun June Kim and Marina Nazarova create artwork that explores unusual perspectives and abstract spaces. They invite audiences to observe the subtle alterations from familiar to unknown and to experience the shifts and uncertainties of immigrant life.

Date: April 25 – May 13
Opening Reception: April 25

Opening Reception: 6pm – 9pm

Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Friday 1pm to 6pm
Thursday, May 2 the Gallery will be open until 8pm

Place: Toronto Centre for the Arts, Lower Gallery

Price: Free


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