$10 for 10 Years

Help us reach our goal!

A little goes a long way!

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we are asking you – our friends, partners, community members, participants, artists, volunteers, and network – to join us by donating to support the arts community in North York and to help us get the party started for the next 10 years!

Every day, North York Arts strives towards our vision of an inclusive, equitable, engaged and sustainable arts community in North York, and your support makes it possible. As we reflect on the last 10 years and look forward to our future we are inspired by the amazing artists and artwork in North York! Help us build a bright, creative and colourful community for years to come!

Help us reach our modest goal of $3000 by the end of this year. That’s right, you’ve got 10 weeks to make a difference and help us get the party started for the next 10 years!! 

How can you help us get the party started?!? Donate today!:

Explore our PARTY STARTER options!


Celebrate our 10th Anniversary with a $10 donation! Your contribution will go directly into our programs that support artists, arts organizations, and residents in North York.


Five times the fun! When you donate $50, you help cover the cost of materials, supplies, softwares, and technologies that help ensure more accessible in-person and online programs for our participants.


Celebrate with us ten times over! A $100 donation covers a portion of an artist’s fee for one of our programs such as Northbound and the 10th Anniversary. Art is at the core of our work and NYA is committed to fair and ethical compensation for all artists.


NYA couldn’t do what we do without the incredible coordinators, facilitators, producers, and consultants we work with. A $250 donation will contribute to supporting these individuals for their work in building, evaluating, and leading our programs.

Spread the love!

Know someone who might be interested in joining the NYA donor family? After you’ve made your donation, we encourage you to send this page to a friend, family member, or colleague. Tell them what NYA means to you and ask them to join our celebration!

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$10 f0r 10 years

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, join us by donating $10 to support the arts community in North York!

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