NOTICE: Exhibition Postponed due to COVID-19. Date TBD.

Unraveling Dreamscapes

by: Aqsah Shah

The exhibition explores the concepts of surrealism, the human subconscious, and dream interpretation. Aqsah uses surrealist techniques juxtaposed by images of underwater life to symbolize potent yet not entirely fathomable subconscious possibilities, while also exploring themes pertinent to her own lived experiences. Her work gives the audience insight into thoughts that move through our dreamscape; she invites viewers to look beyond the outside world and focus on their inner selves. 

About Aqsah Shah

Aqsah Shah is a visual artist. Born in Toronto, she acquired her BFA degree from Beaconhouse National University in Lahore, Pakistan, before returning to Toronto to pursue a career in art. Her work takes inspiration from the impact of dreams on human reality and vice versa. The unification between the dreamscape and real-life in her work is shown predominantly through subaquatic symbols and void-like imagery.

Date: TBD

Exhibition Opening: TBD

Place: North York Centre

Price: Free  

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