Who is Lady York, Anyway?

By: Alessandra Pozzuoli

Who is Lady York, Anyway? is a multi-media exhibition that uses Lady York Foods (an 60 year old Italian grocery store in North York) as a focal point to discuss larger daily rituals surrounding family, the individual, consumerism, food, and home in Italian culture. Alessandra uses the grocery store to analyze the long history of Italian immigration to Toronto, and namely, how different generations come to understand each other.

About the Artist

Alessandra Pozzuoli is an interdisciplinary artist. As a Canadian of Italian heritage, her work is influenced by notions of ethnic identity, gender, rituals stemming from popular religion, folk culture, and the importance of grandmothers. Through repetitious work using paint, stencils, fabric, and found materials, Pozzuoli creates patterned scenes and curated collections that disrupt perceptions of sacred and secular within the context of the (Italian Catholic) home.

Date: February 27 – April 14


Time: Tuesday to Friday 1pm to 6pm

Place: Toronto Centre for the Arts, Art Alley

Price: Free


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