Frequently Asked Questions

What is North York Arts?
North York Arts (NYA) is an arts service organization that provides access to cultural events, opportunities for professional development and networking, and engagement with the artistic community. NYA addresses the needs and interests of artists, arts organizations and residents of the North York community by collaborating with North York City Councillors, Toronto’s Culture Division, Toronto Arts Foundation’s Neighbourhood Arts Network, community stakeholders and local businesses. NYA is currently being incubated by the Toronto Arts Foundation and is funded by the City of Toronto, government agencies and private sector partners.
What types of programs and events does North York Arts host?
  • Neighbourhood Cultural Events: Free events where community networkers can experience local performance arts and community culture.
  • Community Forums: NYA participants in various community forums yearly to share information and build community connections.
  • Art Exhibitions: Free art exhibitions including pop-up shows highlighting the works of North York Artists.
  • Professional Development for Artists: Free workshops that instruct artists on best practices in a variety of topics including grant-writing information sessions.
  • Music Programs: Free music programs for youth to embrace and develop their song-writing talent, open mic sessions and music showcase to highlight indie talent.
Who can join the NYA Network?
The network is open to individual artists, community engaged arts organizations and residents of the North York area.
Why should I join the NYA Network?
You have an interest in engaging with the artistic community in North York. Whether you are an individual artist, an arts organization, or a resident, the networker will provide you with access to artistic people, opportunities and experiences in North York.
Can I get funding by joining the NYA Network?
North York Arts is a service organization; this means we provide services such as workshops and events. North York Arts is not a granting body. If you are interested in applying for funding please visit the Toronto Arts Council.
How will my information be used?
Your information will only be used for the NYA newsletter and information sign-up.

About Us

North York Arts (NYA)  collaborates with artists, arts organizations, and partners to develop, strengthen, and promote cultural programming and initiatives for North York communities

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