Image Description: The slim oblong leaves that fall from the trees cover the ground of this Mesopotamian orchard in Armenia, Quindio, an inland town in northwest Colombia. This is Abya Yala land, the reclaimed name of Colombia. The growth from above forms an umbrella bearing the fruit of smooth skinned green avocados. The rays of the sun shine through.

This close up of a worker’s brown hands holding the avocado and the shiny pruning shears, the only two objects in this image free from the markings of use. Surrounding them, we see a well worn path, a hard worn football jersey, the dirt under his nails. Through this man’s labor, we witness commodities in various phases of their own life cycles.
In this action shot, the work of the man from the portrait is dramatized by the light filtering through the thicket of trees. He looks up, searching for his next target, while holding a fruit picker; a green collection bag affixed with black electrical tape to a ten foot long bamboo rod. He deposits his load into the fabric satchel hanging across his chest.

Meraki Project






Sugar Cane