As a Local Community Arts Organization, it’s part of NYA’s duty to advocate for Toronto artists and arts sector. Since our foundation in 2011, we have been focused on communicating and taking actionable steps towards greater investment in the arts from the City. Investing in the arts is essential for community connecting, civic engagement and city-building – while we celebrate our progress, we recognize we have a long way to go! See below to see how we’ve used our platform. 

NYA Advocacy Timeline

  1.   2012 NYA presented to the City’s Budget Committee to emphasize the importance of the arts in our communities for the City of Toronto.
  2. Along with many arts organizations in Toronto, NYA participated in “Arts Day” where we spoke with several city councilors about the need for an increase in arts funding to $25/ capita.
  3. 2013NYA participated in Arts Day
  4. 2014NYA participated in Arts Day
  5. 2015NYA participated in Arts Day
  6. 2016NYA participated in Arts Day
  7. 2017NYA participated in Arts Day
  8. 2018NYA participated in the  Cultural Pluralism in the Arts (CPAMO) along with several toronto-based arts organizations discussing equity and pluralism in the arts for a two-year period.
  9. NYA participated in Arts Day
  10. 2019NYA participated in Arts Day
  11. NYA held a public deputation workshop to teach artists and residents to present a public deputation to the City of Toronto Budget Committee in North York and at City Hall.
  12. 2020NYA held a public deputation workshop online
  13. NYA was a part of The Community Arts Canopy – a group of arts organizations who set out to gather insights, feedback, and foster discussion regarding the impact of COVID-19 on the community arts sector. This was completed with a survey and Town Hall.
  14. Participated in various COVID-19 related town hall and roundtable discussions to support the recovery and rebuilding of the arts sector.

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North York Arts (NYA)  collaborates with artists, arts organizations, and partners to develop, strengthen, and promote cultural programming and initiatives for North York communities

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